Right Design, Wrong Colour? Right Colour, Wrong Design?

Chameleon Collection offers a range of wallapers and fabrics which can be produced in any colour(s) you desire.

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Offering a stunning range of Wallpapers and Farbics to design any room to suit your needs.


Discover exquisite wallpaper designs that elevate your space. Our collection features a blend of timeless classics and contemporary patterns, crafted with quality materials for unmatched style and sophistication.

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Explore our curated fabric selection, offering a range of textures, colors, and patterns. Elevate your interiors with premium fabrics designed for lasting comfort and style.

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Do you have a intertiors project at home or at work?... Get in touch! We'd love to be involved!


Flock wallpaper embodies timeless elegance. It features intricate designs with velvet-like raised patterns that add depth and luxury to walls. Elevate your space with our exquisite flock wallpaper collection, available now for a touch of opulence in your decor.

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Chameleon Collection's History

Chameleon Collection boasts a rich heritage rooted in a tradition of bespoke craftsmanship, reminiscent of an era when wallpapers and fabrics were meticulously tailored for distinct settings, shunning mass production.

Since 1978, a remarkable 45 years, Chameleon has been a pioneer in custom design and color, earning the trust of renowned designers, especially in the leisure sector. Pubs, restaurants, hotels, and even the world of TV & Film have cherished our unique offerings. Recently, our website has ignited a surge in residential projects.

Though modest in size, Chameleon reigns supreme in its domain, driven by an ethos that defies convention. We cater to every era and style, crafting your vision in precisely the colors you desire – akin to painting a pattern.

Explore our expanding repertoire, including Photo-Walls, bespoke wallscapes, and the option to bring your own designs to life as wallpaper or fabric. With an array of wallcovering substrates and fabric base cloths at your disposal, Chameleon is the ultimate designer's haven, where imagination meets reality. You dream it, we create it – the design you envision in the colors you crave!


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